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Custom photo and video services which highlight your company's services and products. Because every picture tells a story , it is important for every business's marketing strategy to have custom photos and presentation videos. This engaging visual portfolio will grab your audience's attention and will make your business (even a small business) stand out from the crowd.


This boutique studio in Athens has a wide array of options and solutions tailored to your needs and wills. Let's connect!




. Business profile photography.


. Website photography and video footage. Because  the first impression matters, it is essential your website to reflect your culture and your style.


. Social media campaigns.  Photos and videos of your business allow you to show your company, work environment, services, and products in an engaging and unique  way, which shows  authenticity, and transparency, it also humanizes your brand. 


. Photo and video services for corporate and social events.

Video Editing Timeline

Christina Kontoyanni has been creating custom photography and video services for customers since 2009. With an eye for detail and a dedication to giving customers exactly what they need her business specializes in business profile portraits, corporate event photography and video presentations.

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